Pitch Your Tents

Explore the exquisite beauty of the place and gather an unforgettable experience of Camping!

Resting under the clear sky by gazing the stars, sitting around a bonfire, slapping at sand flies and rising with the sun is not less than a wonderful dream. We offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to open your mind completely to new ideas, people and places with our camping trips. Moreover, it is an opportunity to indulge completely into nature.

We meticulously planned your camping tours that let you to enjoy and explore the captivating scenic beauty and tranquil surroundings to the fullest. It is also a chance for people to challenge themselves through new experiences replete with fun and enjoyment.

You know, What is the best part?
The best part of our CAMPING TRIP is the breathtaking views, camaraderie and the pleasant weather one can experience here. Whatever your camping style, we offer you the best. Our every campsite is customer-friendly that makes sure the customers are having a good time and a successful enjoyable holiday!

What you'll gain?
With no obligation to move forward, you will gain a unique experience, expanded worldview, life-long friends and everlasting pleasant memories.

Escape from the hustle & bustle of daily lifestyle and enjoy natural beauty on a fascinating camping experience at PAHADI HOUSE, MUSSOORIE.

"Ready, Plan. Choose and Enjoy the best!

Grab an opportunity to fill you life with delightful memories."

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